Paul Gonze (BE)

Paul Gonze, born in Katanga, is a Civil Mining Engineer from Louvain University in Belgium and holds a Master in Applied Geological Sciences from Mac Gill University in Canada. Having worked as a field geologist in Canada, as a COO in Zaire and Iran and as a hydro-geologist in West Africa, he believes that mankind needs both cultural development and technological progress. He has integrated works of art into public spaces, mounted various exhibitions, arranged temporary museums and published catalogs and poetic book-objects.

RDU Paul Gonze

Proposed Courses:

  • Introduction to Earth Sciences: basic concepts of geology, mineralogy, geochemical prospecting, geophysical, photo geology, volcanology, paleontology; genesis of the solar system, planet earth, the African continent; studies of the copper-belt ore-bodies; discussion on climate change and ecological emergency.
  • Basic Elements of Museology: presentation of various forms of visual creative expressions: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photo- and video -graphy, installation and performance; studies of the major artistic movements and their modern, contemporary and actual variants and their protagonists; analysis of museum logic through some examples; reflections for the constitution of an Open-Air Bakonzo Museum…

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