Kiiza Sibayirwa Tom (UG)

Rev. Dr. Kiiza Sibayirwa Tom was born and raised in Kisebere-Kasese, Uganda, holds a Bachelor of Philosophy (Pontifical Urbaniana University-Italy), Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (The Catholic University of Eastern Africa-Kenya) Master of Arts & PhD in Religious Studies & Theology (Dayspring Christian University-USA). He teaches Religious Studies and is an ordained Missionary Priest-Eastern Catholic Rite) Dr.Kiiza is currently the Head of the Evangelical Orthodox Church in Uganda. He currently serves as a Registrar Academic at Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda.

RDU Dr Kiizza

Proposed Courses:

  • African Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Community Human Development
  • Public Speaking
  • English
  • Critical Thinking
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociology

Dr. Kiiza Sibayirwa Tom would also be comfortable to serve in administration; Planning and Development, Donor Aid and Fundraising for the University, external linkages and marketing the University. He is gifted in these areas.


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