Julien Decharneux (BE)

Julien Decharneux is a master student in Oriental languages and literatures at the Free University of Brussels (ULB). He has studied many modern languages as much as ancient ones. Although he is still young, he already teaches Arabic exercises lesson at the University. He is currently working for his master thesis on the Epic of ʿAntara, a popular Arabic romance. At last, he is also an accomplished sportsman, including in kendo.

RDU Julien Decharneux

Proposed courses:

  • Arabic Language: Study of the Arabic language trough grammar. The objective of this is reaching the level to read, understand and translate texts in Arabic. The student will learn as much the grammar part of the language, which is absolutely essential as the speaking, writing and reading part.
  • Methodological Approach of the African History and Culture: This lesson will provide the whole history of Africa. The main objective is to learn how to use different resources as archaeology, linguistics or mythologies to manage reconstitute a history of Africa. Thus it must be seen much more as a methodology lesson than a history one.
  • Introduction to Comparative Linguistics: Introducing the methods of the comparative linguistics, this lesson will broach different key points as the difference between a language and a dialect, genetic relationships between languages and areal linguistic. This course will systematically be based on examples with different linguistic family such as the Afro-Asian one.

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