Claire Martinus

Claire Martinus obtained a PhD in Sociology & Anthropology in 2014 and a Master Degree in Sociology & Anthropology in 2010. In a joint-tutorship between the University of Lille 1 (France) and UMons (Belgium), her PhD dissertation, defended in 2014, was a study of the transformations of matrimonial practices in Nepal in a context of castes mixture and secularization in the capital city of an ancient Hindu kingdom. Since that, she has been a Pedagogic Assistant at the School of Human and Social Sciences at UMons. After a first research about filiations and child work in Togo for her Master 1, she started to study the matrimonial practices in Nepal. She realized seven fieldworks in Kathmandu, in a hosting family, who allowed her to work with empirical method.

RDU Claire Martinus

Proposed Courses:

  • Sociology of Family4
  • Anthropology of Globalization
  • Anthropology of Social Change and Development
  • Anthropology of Kinship and Filiation
  • Urban Sociology

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